About Us

Changing the world one community at a time


Loving each other with all our heart, soul, and mind with action and in truth.


Sharing our resources and talents with each other in order to better the lives of others.


Teaching and counseling each other with wisdom.

Our Story

MyServingHeart is a community of Christian believers who love God and want to live out their faith in a meaningful and practical way.  Our purpose is to love our “neighbors”, regardless of who they are, with all our heart, soul, and mind. We are here to engage the world together to better the lives of others. Loving, serving, and teaching others are the pillars of our organization.  These principles are the foundation upon which we hope to build thriving communities.

Engaging the world together to better the lives of others

We are here to inspire people to take action so we can change the world. Standing together with our fellow brothers and sisters hand in hand we envision a future full of hope and peace. We must share our resources and talents to better serve the people of our communities. We look upon the life of our Lord Jesus Christ as a lamp guiding our paths.

Leaving positive footprints in the neighborhoods we walk through

We provide a helping hand to those who have a need in the community.  Our helpers are Christians living in your community, who want to put their faith into action.  They are people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get stuff done.  We look forward to tackling problems people have head on and finding solutions to them together.  The time has come to make positive changes within our communities by loving and serving each other.  We are eager to leave positive footprints in the neighborhoods that we walk through.  Please join us in this journey as we spread the love of Christ.